Monday, January 02, 2012

Book Review: Binary, by Michael Crichton

Want to read good fiction? Read "Binary", by Michael Crichton, one of his best works that you've never heard of. Yes, that Michael Crichton.

The first book I read by Michael Crichton was an unknown book called "Binary" that none of my friends had heard about. I was in high school, and my father's friend had dropped this short book at our place. The author was John Lange, whom nobody had heard of. Inside, the book mentioned that the author was now revealed to be the great Michael Crichton, but I hadn't heard of Crichton either, so I wasn't expecting much.

The book starts with a gripping description of a heist. It grabs you, and pulls you in. The book is a thriller, of a plot involving dangerous weapons, and one man's race to stop it all. It is a short book, written very well.

I had harbored fond memories of this book. I had recommended it to many friends, knowing full well how difficult it was to obtain a copy. Recently, I received a copy of this book, and I sat down to read it. A short evening passed, and I was done. Despite having read it over a decade ago, I remembered most of the plot and many of the scenes. It was a thrilling book made punchier by the fact that I knew the story. I marveled at the plot and the excellent writing.

A fantastic novel, a thrilling plot. The ending isn't blockbuster by today's standards, and that is part of the lure. No superfluous nonsense, and no extra pages. A snappy story beautifully told.