Vikram Aggarwal graduated from IIT Bombay and UC Santa Barbara, and is currently a software engineer at Google.

My resume has my professional and academic history. My Linked-In profile might jog your memory.

I have deep experience with Linux and Linux-based systems like Android, and I've worked in Google search ranking, Google infrastructure for search, Android applications, and Android platform internals. Computer systems are buzzword-heavy, but the fundamentals have not changed. Having a firm grasp of the fundamentals gives me a clearer understanding of new systems like Docker, Kubernetes, AWS/gCloud/Azure and what is possible with new technology. I keep my technical knowledge current in my spare time and in my professional choices.

I love git.

I have hired and built engineering teams and delivered end-user products, and brought direct revenue for my employer. 

My current technical interests are Linux observability tools such as BPF, and training computers to perform routine, human tasks.

Outside of technology, I am interested in education, and the role of culture in a changing society. I read copiously, going through ~40 technical and non-fiction books every year.

My current personal interest is understanding the deep inequality in society, both as a result of systemic disadvantages, and the lack of fair opportunities.


I work for Google, and get paid to design and deliver software and build engineering teams.

All words here are my own opinion, and do not represent my employer.