Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Sound Sleep: Free application for Android

Frustrated by existing sleep-time applications, I wrote a simple application to play music on an Android phone. The application is called Sound Sleep and it is available for free on the Play Store.

To use the application, create a subdirectory called "sleeping" under the "music" directory in the SD-card or external storage. Put night-time sleep music in this subdirectory. Many music file formats (mp3, ogg, ...) are supported. All directory names are case insensitive.

Start the application. The top half of the screen starts and stops night-time music.

The bottom half starts/stops white noise.

Since the application allows tapping anywhere, it is perfect for clumsy night-time use. It works on all Android devices starting with version 1.5, so give it a try!

Privacy policy

Soundsleep collects no data about you. I don't maintain any crash logs, any usage information, nothing. The only information I get is the total number of installs on Android devices through the Play Store. I do nothing with this information either.

 It doesn't serve any ads, doesn't report anything to any server. I don't maintain a backend stack for this.

The entire source code is available if you want to look at it, or compile it yourself. You can compile and install the software on devices that have no network connectivity.