Sunday, February 27, 2022

Christone "Kingfish" Ingram

I recently heard an artist called Christone Ingram, who goes by the stage name "Kingfish". He plays the blues on guitar. It blew me away: the guitaring, the singing.  After many years, I have come across a contemporary artist who is awe-inspiring.

It all began when I chanced upon an album called "662" by someone holding a Stratocaster.  I wasn't expecting much.  What could have been just another blues musician turned out to be a genius of our time, for each song was delightful.

If you like blues, or classic rock, give it a listen.
  This Youtube video, for example, gives you some idea of his level of skill. You can also preview his music on his website: the album I heard is called "662", and that's his second album.  His first album is called "Kingfish".

I find 'influencers' hollow.  Many current influencers are popular solely because they're popular. Some of them might be good looking, but they have no skill beyond that accident of birth. For every influencer that takes our attention, there are real artists, folks with skill, folks working hard. We ought to devote  our time on folks who have skill, who advance art.