Saturday, November 28, 2020

Generating art with Tensorflow

tl:dr; Thought-provoking, computer-generated art

That is computer generated: the output of transfer learning using Tensorflow.

I was playing with some transfer learning, training a convolutional model on famous works of art, and applying the style to my own photographs when I realized the process could be done in reverse. So instead of taking the style of a famous artist, and applying it to my photographs, I've taken the style of my photographs and applied it to famous art. Here are the two pictures, the content is a famous Kandinsky image, and the style applied was that of a tiger in San Francisco.

Here's another. A famous Monet that has been modified with the style of a giraffe from the same zoo. The original image is pretty serene, and I love its transformation into a drug-fueled nightmare.

And finally, my favorite, two mundane pictures that together make evocative art.

The content image is from the page linked below, and the lion is my own photograph. Either picture is average by itself.

A computer and a human are more superior at chess than a computer alone, or a human alone. The same can be said about art. A human combined with a well-written software can make something amazing. 

This is based on the Tensorflow style transfer tutorial.