Monday, September 19, 2016

Shutter Actuations for Nikon camera through exiv2

Digital SLR cameras have a physical shutter that wears out.  Shutter actuation count is a good measure of the age of the camera.  If you want to estimate how much life is still remaining in your shutter, or to estimate what to pay for a used camera, the actuation count can give you a good idea. Consumer cameras last about 100k actuations, and professional cameras often last much longer.

Exiv2 is a versatile tool for manipulating image metadata, and is often installed by default on modern Linux distributions.

To find shutter count from a photograph, a simple exiv2 command will do:

exiv2 -pa _DSC0901.NEF | grep Nikon3\.ShutterCount

The same command works for JPG files as well
exiv2 -pa _DSC0901.JPG | grep Nikon3\.ShutterCount

You can remove the grep filter to learn other parameters for the picture:
  • Exif.Nikon3.LensType: The lens used (D: DX, VR: Vibration Reduction)
  • Exif.Nikon3.Lens: Focal length and aperture specs of the lens used.
  • Exif.Nikon3.SerialNumber: Unique serial number of the camera body printed in the bottom of the camera.
  • Exif.Nikon3.ISOSpeed: ISO sensitivity of the sensor