Sunday, August 07, 2011

Beautiful, professional resumes with LaTeX

I love LaTeX, but when it comes to resume writing, my skills at LaTeX fall short. This means that I have to load up OpenOffice, and spend hours tuning every single spacing and pagination problem.

Enter Moderncv, a class file for professional looking resumes. If you use LaTeX, it is the perfect document class for writing a resume.

This is what my resume looks like:

You can download the resume in PDF. This resume was generated from this LaTeX source file.

The moderncv class is straightforward: you fill in the details and it generates a beautiful, professional resume for you. Once you fill in the critical details, the page layout is handled for you. So if one section is too big it is automatically shifted to the next page. You fill in the contents, LaTeX handles the rest.

Itching to give it a try? To get started, download the moderncv class from CTAN. Either use my resume as an example, or look through the examples directory for a file called 'template.tex'. On Ubuntu, you need the texlive and texlive-latex-extra packages.

On Ubuntu or Debian machines, you can download all the packages with:
$ sudo apt-get install texlive texlive-latex-extra