Saturday, January 14, 2006

They're all terrible

Recently, I blogged about how terrible the LSR website was. Apparently, bad websites are the norm when it comes to Indian education.

Even the mighty IIT Bombay has an inconsistent website, with a hideous site design when you descend one or two levels deep from the main site. The first page looks rather nice, but every link underneath it has its own design, no css, and absolutely no consistency. The right hand doesn't know what the left is upto.

Which is all pretty reminiscent of the place itself.

The most hideous website I have seen!

Neha was showing me the website of LSR college, apparently a well known college in Delhi.

Please, put on some very dark glasses, because what you see here will literally drive you blind. I saw this, and wondered what kind of image this college wants to project.

Look at their main page: it is some sort of giant billboard.

Then walk on to their contents page, where half the links are under ConstructioN (sic).

What a hideous background image, that looks like some fish was chopped to get it.

Click on the extra curricular activity link and be prepared for the worst site design, complete with fifteen different colors and a dark black background.

Neha and I are still exploring this wonderful site, along with the stop press link.

And while we are at it, let us inform everyone that LSR makes its alumni run around for getting transcripts, and tortures them for these scraps of paper. LSR refuses to give more than fifteen transcripts at a time, which means that if you need thirty transcripts, you need to go twice. And the principal doesn't feel any compulsion to stamp the transcripts, so if you need them stamped, you've got to go there again.

Welcome to one of the best schools in Delhi: where the quality of education is about as good as their website.