Sunday, November 24, 2013

Flight Log: 23 November

Somewhere near Germany, June 1942. Two pilots take off from an aircraft carrier in hostile skies. Co-pilot's logs.

10:00am: Seated in our aircraft. Pilot and co-pilot strapped in. Equipment check, surfaces check. Pilot instructs co-pilot to turn on the propeller.

10:02: Pilot confirms that the propeller works. Instructs co-pilot to turn it off. Then instructs the co-pilot to turn it on.

10:04: After two minutes of turning the propeller on and off, the pilot wants to stop flying. Co-pilot convinces pilot to stay and take off.

10:06: Ground control yells at us to: "Stop picking our noses and clear the flight line". Pilot chooses to control throttle. Co-pilot controls direction. Flaps down, thrust to full, chocks off. Flight takes off.

10:10: Pilot instructs co-pilot to turn off the propeller. Co-pilot tells pilot this is a dull move. Pilot not convinced.

10:15: Ground control alerts of threats approaching from the South-West. Co-pilot turns towards the threat.

10:15: Pilot doesn't want to tangle.
Co-pilot asks the pilot if pilot is scared: "No"
Are there threats?: "Yes"
Do you want to tangle?: "No"

10:16: Co-pilot continues towards threat, gaining altitude in preparation.

10:18: Co-pilot convinces pilot that we must face the threat. Pilot discovers the trigger button and carefully shoots a few hundred rounds into empty air.

10:20: Contact: Co-pilot spots four BF-109s flying 2km below at roughly 300kmph. Pilot continues to shoot recklessly, alerting the threat of our presence.

10:20: Co-pilot swings behind #2, shooting it. Pilot wildly moves thrust between idle and full, enjoying the thrust lever. We pass #1, and shoot down left wing. We swing around, shooting #3 bandit's rudder and #4's left wing. All four bandits neutralized. Flight turns towards carrier.

10:30: Flight gracefully approaches the carrier despite the pilot still wildly shifting thrust. Pilot instructed to sit still in preparation of landing. Co-pilot takes control of direction and thrust.

10:31: Flight lands safely. Pilot reminds co-pilot to put chocks on. Pilot jumps off the plane to get a kiss from mama seated nearby and co-pilot papa!

Another successful mission.