Saturday, August 10, 2013

Travelling with children

It can be incredibly difficult to travel with children. They are keen to see a new place, but they also miss their things. They will ask for the toys you forgot to bring with you. They will miss home, they will miss home food. And yet, they want to be outdoors all the time, seeing new things.

Our failure was sleep. We were reeling from a few nights of poor sleep and uncertain sleep schedules. On most days, my son slept late, even as late as 3am.  We just didn't know how to get him calm, and his usual signs of sleepiness were not working anymore.

Last night he slept at 8pm in a baby carrier, but wasn't in deep sleep. To make matters worse, he woke up at 10am. We tried to get him to sleep in a baby carrier, but he wasn't calm enough. After two hours of walking outdoors at night, I was beginning to get tired and sleepy.

Me: Dev, are you not sleepy?
Dev: No. Want to play.

Me: Dev, did you try to sleep?
Dev: Yes.

(And that's true, he sincerely tried to sleep. He closed his eyes and was calm.)

Me: Dev, you know, papa is getting very tired. And he is getting a little angry too.
Dev: Dev is a little baby.

That last part broke my heart. I tried to be extra kind to him till he finally slept.