Saturday, July 27, 2013

The joys of parenting: #1

This morning, walking with my son. We saw some people jogging.

Me: What are these people doing?
Son: (with characteristic enthusiasm) They are all running!
Me: Where are they going?
Son: They are going to papa office!
Me: Why are they running?
Son: <thinks for a minute>
Son: Because they are out of bicycles!

According to my son, everyone is going to my office all the time. Since I bicycle to work, to him everyone bicycles to work. And anyone bicycling is going to my office.

In the evening, we were using a rotary cutter for the first time. My son was watching from inside the house through large windows as I was using the rotary cutter outside. The sound was a loud grinding noise, which is his favorite sound. But the rotary cutter is more shrill than the other appliances, so I saw him back away from the window slowly.  I stopped the cutter, and looked inside.

Me: Are you ok?
Son: Yes.
Me: Are you scared?
Son: No-o.
Me: Are you happy?
Son: (after some hesitation) Yes.
 Then he makes the sign for happy.

But I can tell he is a bit shaken, so I take off my protective gear and go inside.

Me: Were you scared?
Son: No-o.
Me: Were you a little bit scared?
Son: (hugs me warmly) Yes.

I love parenting.