Wednesday, May 04, 2011

What a bunch of bullshit!

We came across a flyer for Inner Engineering while having dinner today.  It was typical pseudo-scientific bullshit coupled in the garb of science and of course yoga.

Listen to their front runner talk about the significance of a lingam.  He uses a lot of scientific terminology: and explains very little.  The entire explanation is demeaning to a person's intelligence.

These pseudo-science spouting babas has always been with us.  The surprising thing is how they are tolerated in educated company.  The rise of this nonsense is a serious threat.  This kind of nonsense cheapens real science, it muddies the water between science and bullshit.

Such nonsense has no space in an educated society.  We can't speak of building an educated, literate world on one hand, and tolerate such pseudo-scientific nonsense on another.  Time spent chasing such pseudo-science is an utter waste of time.