Saturday, June 19, 2010

Installing Windows XP, and Kulchas!

I spent the better part of last evening installing Windows XP on a brand new computer. I must say it was very, very painful. At this point, I don't know what people mean any more when they say Linux is difficult to install. On this specific Acer computer, Ubuntu boots off a USB stick, and does everything just fine. That reminds me, why can't Windows boot off a USB stick? Ancient, outdated tech.

After much struggle, I realized that there were memory issues on the computer. Running memtest86+ found memory errors. Eeek! This computer is headed back to the vendor, and I'm getting a replacement: something that can run Windows XP.

On an unrelated note, we found a wonderful new Indian restaurant: Naan and Masala. Don't let the ambience fool you, and make sure you go there with an empty stomach. Their paneer kulcha is delightful. Avoid the seekh kababs: they aren't very authentic. But the standard curry fare is crazy good.

Trying something new: after having ignored my blog for months, I'm going to try posting something new every day. I expect the quality to plummet shortly, stay low for a while. Then, it will probably drop a lot more. Wish me luck!