Monday, April 14, 2008

Will not use OOXML

After the mud that has been flung over the OOXML versus ODF issue, it is fairly clear that ISO passed OOXML despite very relevant objections that many countries had with it. India was one of the countries that decided not to pass OOXML through ISO, and I still stand by that decision. It seems that Norway and Sweden have serious corruption issues regarding their vote.

Groklaw has extensive documentation on OOXML and I recommend its resources. The Wikipedia entry on OOXML is also illustrative.

Standards are pointless if there are too many of them. In this case, ISO should clarify why another document standard was required when ODF was already an ISO standard.

Unfortunately, today ISO asked for a "cease-fire" by everyone with valid criticism against OOXML. I had no idea ISO and OOXML had such a problem with valid criticism. And this is even before it is fully accepted as a standard.

Listen to (Slashdot) geeks rake OOXML and ISO over hot coals over the issue.

Come on, ISO and Microsoft: address the criticism, and clarify the doubts rather than hiding behind a letter asking people to stop the criticism. Demanding that the criticism stop is a good way to encourage it.

Standards are also pointless if people don't accept them. Given how much resistance there is to the idea, we would all benefit if we just ignored OOXML as a standard, ISO be damned.