Saturday, June 16, 2007

Education rot -- whose fault is it?

There is a lovely article on a county in the US where rich whites and rich blacks live. Students study in the same school, and yet black kids have lower grades. An anthropology professor studied this problem, and published his findings. In his analysis, the students and their parents are to blame, for not rewarding success, for equating academic success with "being white". It might be hard for the parents and students to accept, but I think he is right on target.

This might help explain why Indians and Chinese abroad do so well in academics. Both groups are hell bent on academic success. Indian parents feel like their child has been a miserable failure if he returns home with lower than average grades. Indians are also more likely to track the academic progress of their child. A favorite dinner conversation among Indian friends is their children's academic achievement. And everyone finds out when someone's child fails a single subject.