Friday, May 19, 2006

The Asian Age

Lovely newspaper, I liked it over The Times of India. So I figured I should try to read it online. When I went to their website, I was surprised. Since I don't have Internet Explorer, I'm given the wonderful message, "

"This page can only be seen in IE"


Your web browser needs to support
HTML4.01, CSS2 and JavaScript to correctly view this page.

Haha! That's funny. Do the site authors know that Internet Explorer doesn't support CSS2 itself? What a joke. I seriously hope this is not the Asian Age. We Asians are much better than that. I think they should rename their site, "The Stone Age" instead. The Asian Age web admins want to come across as smart people, throwing acronyms at their audience to wow them. (Oh they need HTML, CSS, XML and PRQSST! Sweet!) Unfortunately, using acronyms doesn't make you smart. Making good, standards-compliant websites makes you smart. (And attractive to the opposite sex! Growl!)

Thinking that Internet Explorer is a reference browser is an unfortunate attitude. Internet Explorer's standards compliance has never been applauded. Try this simple demo in IE, and then try it in any other standards compliant browser to see just how much difference there is.