Thursday, April 27, 2006

The supreme power of ignorance

I came across this post on reddit. It was supremely hilarious. It is a person going on and on about how Linux is an Evil European invention to take over America. Sadly, the person does not know that her own domain is hosted on a Unix machine, which is most possibly a Linux or BSD box. The comments are outrageous.

Usually I ignore such stuff, but this post had me laughing really hard. Lovely stuff. There is so much comic power in ignorance.

Paul Graham is fond of saying that the average blog is actually quite bad, but nobody looks at the average blog. People look at the best blogs, so the competition from blogs is actually quite significant. I think the argument works for supremely bad blogs as well. The usual newspaper report is bad, but the worst blogs are so outlandish that they are outright funny! This person for instance, is so clueless, that it is like a perfect stand-up act. has pushed the limits of ignorance into uncharted territory. (to borrow something Jerrold Kaplan would say)